2019-08-28 inventiff thoughts confidence

Are You Confident?

Confidence doesn’t mean hope or blind, unquestioning faith.

Confidence means knowing that you’ve done your due diligence and that the figures are in your favour.

Confidence means being proud of your business and supporting it by showing up and owning up.

Confidence means doing the research, calculating the odds, finding alternatives, and always, always planning ahead.

inventiff thoughts determined

Are You Determined?

Is your product or service the best it can be, and are you supporting it 100%? Have you prepared the full-scale launch it deserves and all the advertising it needs? When people ask you about your business, are you proud to say it’s yours?

Some of us will shout it from the rooftops, and make our heads spin talking about their work, as though it’s not their work, it’s their mission. And it is.

Others of us take the approach and avoid talking about their business, as though trying to disassociate themselves from it.

Be the hero. Don’t hide your talent and your business. Be a catalyst.

If not you, then who will fight for your business’ success?


What We Aren’t

We aren’t the person talking in a loud voice about nothing in particular, just seeking attention.

We aren’t one of those people who give advice based on what a man in a pub said last Thursday.

We aren’t the voice in your head who’s telling you you’re wrong whenever you’re trying something new.

Inventiff Being There

Being there

Sometimes our society thrives on weird guidelines, and one such oddity is the concept of ‘being there’.

We get this inexplicable urge to be where something is happening not because we can actively contribute, but merely so that later we are able to say that we were there.

Create experiences that make people feel this way and you will never need to worry about sales again.


Why Choose Digital?

We live in a digital world where there are tools for organizing and streamlining just about anything, from our shopping list, gym routine, to our accounting, business processes, marketing strategy, and even our company’s team-building sessions.

Where do we draw the line between a useful tool and just another digital piece of clutter? Each app and program has a potential benefit, but how do we select the ones relevant to our specific needs from the sea of options? Should we even try to find a suitable app or is it more effective to have one made for our specific needs?

This is what we are passionate about – finding the best solution for a specific set of data, making the difference between going digital because it’s fashionable, and going digital because it has a real impact.

inventiff committment

How committed to your business are you?

When it comes to taking care of our own, we usually make sure they get the best services possible – the best doctor, the best teachers, the best of everything that we can offer and afford. We sometimes even give things up ourselves so that the people we love can have what we think they need.

So how come, when it comes to our own businesses, we often choose to cut down costs and provide them with average services, or worse? Why do we even consider paying someone who we know isn’t fully qualified to do something on which our business and our livelihood depend?

It happens to all of us, the temptation to “save money” by choosing cheaper alternatives to the services we really want. However, in the long term these choices have a tendency to cost us a lot more.

Today we are thinking about commitment. We are thinking about dedication and choice. About following through and trusting our work.

We’ve long ago decided we’d rather give up cable television or a weekend out of town than cut costs and be stuck with a lousy alternative to a service we know we need to succeed.

What would you give up for your dream?


Don’t let the fear slow you down

Did you spend weeks fussing over the smallest details of each part of your last project, getting everything “just” right? Did you decide to postpone a launch even though your peers green-lighted it, for just one more check?

We know how that feels. Thinking about seeing your work out in the world can be terrifying, but once it’s out there it can be an exhilarating experience.

Take the plunge. Trust yourself and your team. Hit that “publish” button. We just did


From local to global via the online medium

How can you get a local business to reach an international audience? What options are there for a small business when it comes to going global? Is a new market really only a few clicks away?


When do you need to start looking for automation tools?

We think that every entrepreneur should start looking for automation tools when they are planning their business.

Automation tools aren’t useful only for scaling, they can be game-changers even for small businesses or startups. Every process you manage to streamline and automate can let you serve more people, and that’s why you’re doing business, right?

To summarize: the right time to look for great automation tools to use was yesterday. The question is what are you going to do about it now?


What are the 10 biggest mistakes we commonly see on websites?

1. Unclear menus and content
2. No tracking
3. Out of date contact details
4. Lack of mobile optimization
5. Slow load times
6. Unreadable fonts
7. Complicated forms
8. No search box
9. Music and videos that play automatically
10. The “Click to Enter” Page.

You’re welcome. Now you know what to look for on your own website. Will you start fixing it?