Manage your energy, not just your time

Just like the tides, your focus and motivation naturally rise and fall throughout the day, guided by your ultradian rhythms.

Instead of fighting against this natural phenomenon, why not learn how to leverage it to your advantage? Paying close attention to your energized moments can be a game plan worth pursuing.

Take some time to keep a journal for at least a week or two (remember, one day won’t cut it). Make a note of how you feel during different times of the day. This little exercise will help you spot your biological prime time – those periods when you’re firing on all cylinders.

Armed with this information, you can plan your work more effectively. Reserve your golden hours for deep, complex, or creative tasks.

Consider blocking off your calendar to safeguard this precious time. And when you’re feeling a bit more drained, tackle those less demanding tasks that don’t require your full mental horsepower.

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