inventiff committment

How committed to your business are you?

When it comes to taking care of our own, we usually make sure they get the best services possible – the best doctor, the best teachers, the best of everything that we can offer and afford. We sometimes even give things up ourselves so that the people we love can have what we think they need.

So how come, when it comes to our own businesses, we often choose to cut down costs and provide them with average services, or worse? Why do we even consider paying someone who we know isn’t fully qualified to do something on which our business and our livelihood depend?

It happens to all of us, the temptation to “save money” by choosing cheaper alternatives to the services we really want. However, in the long term these choices have a tendency to cost us a lot more.

Today we are thinking about commitment. We are thinking about dedication and choice. About following through and trusting our work.

We’ve long ago decided we’d rather give up cable television or a weekend out of town than cut costs and be stuck with a lousy alternative to a service we know we need to succeed.

What would you give up for your dream?

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