How our story started

They say, “The journey is the gift.” The wiser we get, the more we tend to agree with that statement. That’s why every now and then, we take our time to reflect on past experiences and the decisions that made us what we are today. From the first projects to that massive pinboard we bought and never really used, the ugly carpet in the meeting room, and our first participation in a hackathon as a team. Now we’re sharing parts of our story, hoping to inspire others to take that first step and follow their dreams.

Our company journey started sometime in February 2020…

We could not seem to agree on the exact day this happened, so we just settled it on February 18th.

That’s when Sorel and Victor combined their efforts, skills, and know-how to create Inventiff. They both had accumulated experience in tech and start-up environments beforehand, learning from mistakes and adjusting their approaches for this one.

From the very start, we knew that if we over-delivered, invested time and resources in the projects’ success, worked to provide a high level of service at all times, and set up a reliable system for consistently growing online businesses, we could turn this into a success story.

We started without an investment fund, relying on sales and project delivery to survive and scale. At this time, the capacity to deliver fast was crucial for company survival, let alone growth. Yet, we were unwilling to sacrifice product quality for faster deliveries.

Fortunately, we understood early on that client satisfaction was vital for building a reputation that would impact the scale and quality of prospects. Despite our efforts, the growth wasn’t aligned with our expectations.

In March 2020, the pandemic hit, prompting a global shift towards online. This accelerated digitization skyrocketed the demand for web and software development services.

At the same time, due to the circumstances, we had also transitioned towards remote work. Being a small team, with collaborative processes still falling into place, this was quite a challenge we had to work our way through.

Compelled to adapt fast, we met expectations, extended our team, and were able to take on bigger projects with shorter delivery times. Our processes have been refined, our collaborative skills have been honed, and our experience helped us avoid making mistakes.

Four years, around 10,000 cups of coffee, and 60+ completed projects later, we’re still honing our craft, working to become better people and professionals. We’re now a more efficient team that can deliver higher quality, meet deadlines faster, and create high-quality products that make a real impact on businesses across the globe. Yet, truth be told, we can never run out of room for improvement.

As the story unfolds, the journey rewards us with more knowledge. We learn from all experiences, keeping our focus on continuous improvement and growth as we did from the very start. And like we always did along the way, we keep moving forward, working together to make the world of tomorrow a better place.

Best part? We’re only getting started.

There are still many more challenges to overcome, adventures to live, and empty pages in our book to be written.