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There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the new digital era. People, organisations and their challenges are constantly changing and that contours our way of work. Our highly-adaptive solutions help you define a broader experience for your audience while building around your specific needs.

Redefine your customer interactions. Connect with your audience in a new way through bespoke mobile app solutions.

Research & strategy assessment

During the exploration phase, we analyse your idea and formulate clear goals. Further on, we explore your concept through behaviour-based strategies and performance impact analysis. This will lay the foundation for the design and wireframing architecture.


Although our mobile app design process is similar in most scenarios, we take a unique and customised approach to the UI&UX design of every application. First, we create the storyboard based on the round of research. Then we sketch and define the UX for different scenarios. Finally, we wireframe the screens so you can visualise the experience.

App development

Our team employs high-end frameworks to prototype, code and optimise your mobile application. Throughout the entire process, our design and development team work closely to ensure that all designs are technically feasible within the constraints of the project.

Deployment & maintenance

We ensure your app gets safely deployed to a scalable production environment. Our team application is available to the world through Google Play and Apple App Store, ensuring it meets all the store standards. Further on, we help you monitor, maintain and regularly update your mobile application to maximise uptime.

Streamline business processes through highly-adaptive mobile applications

We leverage the experience and know-how of industry experts to provide you with end-to-end mobile development solutions. Our team employs the industry’s most proficient frameworks to help you benefit from faster releases and reduced development costs.

Tools & design strategies

Our design team has proven expertise with multiple design tools, such as Illustrator, Figma, Adobe XD and multiple design libraries.

Manual & automated testing

We take a proactive approach to quality assurance. We employ a mix of manual and automated processes to identify and fix bugs early in the process.

Help & support

We will keep you updated and in control along all the crucial steps and phases of your project, from discovery to maintenance.

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OPEN social app

Social Media

OPEN social is a unique app that merges the benefits of social media with those of meditation. By connecting individuals with compatible moods through vocal-only interactions, this app brings a fresh perspective to the world of social media. The goal is to revive the true essence of socialising and build relationships across borders.

Mobile App
OPEN social app desktop image
OPEN social app mobile image

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