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For the past 6 years, we’ve leveraged our vast expertise to craft standout digital solutions for clients around the globe. Whether it’s mobile apps, web interfaces, or custom software, we’ve got you covered. If you’re seeking fresh perspectives or aiming to streamline your design process, this guide will take you through the key considerations and benefits of product design outsourcing.

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01 What is digital product design?
02 Benefits of outsourcing product design
03 Discover product design services
04 Why choose to outsource product design?
05 Our product design portfolio
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08 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, what is digital product design?

Digital product design refers to the process of conceptualising, creating, and refining user-centric digital solutions, such as websites, mobile applications, software interfaces, and other interactive digital platforms. It involves a combination of creative design, user experience (UX) principles, and technical expertise to develop visually appealing and functional digital products that effectively meet the needs and expectations of users.

Key aspects of digital product design include:

User-Centred Approach

Great product design always begins with a deep understanding of the target audience. Design specialists analyse user behaviours, preferences, and pain points to create intuitive and user-friendly experiences.

Visual Design

This step encompasses the aesthetics and visual elements of the digital product, including layout, typography, colour schemes, graphics, and branding. Visual design aims to create an appealing and cohesive look and feel.

User Experience

Generally, UX design focuses on optimising the overall experience users have while interacting with the digital product. It involves creating logical user flows, wireframes, and prototypes to ensure easy navigation, efficient interactions, and a positive emotional connection with the product.

Interaction Design

Interaction design involves defining how users will interact with the digital product, including the behaviour of buttons, menus, animations, and other interactive elements. The goal is to create engaging and responsive interactions that streamline user journeys and provide a smooth experience.

Information Architecture

Information architecture involves organising and structuring content within the digital product, ensuring users can easily find the necessary information. It contributes to a seamless user experience and efficient navigation.

Prototyping and Testing

During this step, the team will create interactive prototypes to simulate user interactions and test the product’s usability. This iterative process helps identify and address potential issues before the final product is developed.

Responsive Design

With the prevalence of various devices and screen sizes, digital product design often includes creating responsive designs that adapt seamlessly to different platforms, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Iterative Process

Most successful digital products rely on continuously refining and iterating the product based on user feedback and changing requirements. This way, you can ensure that the final product aligns with user needs and market trends.

What are the benefits of product design outsourcing?

Outsourcing product design can offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their overall efficiency and competitiveness. Below, we’ve outlined some key benefits of outsourcing product design within Inventiff.

Expertise at your fingertips

By choosing Inventiff as your product design outsourcing partner, you gain access to a specialised team with a wealth of experience. Our experts possess an intricate understanding of design principles, materials, and technologies to help you reach your product goals.

Tailored cost efficiency

Partnering with us for product design outsourcing translates to direct cost savings. Additionally, the weight of overhead expenses tied to maintaining an in-house design team is lifted, allowing your budget to breathe freely.

Swift time-to-market

We streamline your journey from concept to market-ready product. Our team are structured to fast-track product development. Operating with dedicated teams concurrently engaged in multiple projects, we can vault your offerings into the market swiftly, providing a distinct competitive edge.

Seamless flexibility

Benefit from flexible resource allocation without the HR complexities. We empower you to seamlessly adjust your design resources in response to project demands, sparing you the need for permanent hiring or painful layoffs. Scale up or down with agility tailored to your unique needs.

Core excellence

Outsourcing non-core functions such as product design to Inventiff frees up your internal teams to channel their energies into core business functions. This laser-focused approach significantly enhances productivity and efficiency, propelling your business forward.

Unleashing creativity

Our external design experts infuse your projects with a fresh perspective and boundless creativity. By partnering with Inventiff, you gain access to a rich source of innovative ideas that might not have been uncovered within your own team.

Mitigated risks

By now, we’ve had our share of successful product design projects. Our extensive track record reduces the spectre of design flaws or operational inefficiencies that can plague less experienced in-house teams. With us, you embark on your design journey with heightened confidence.

Modern technologies

In all our outsourcing partnerships, we ensure that products are built on new yet reliable technologies. This way, we can ensure that all products we help develop are futureproofed and able to set apart in the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Explore product design services from Inventiff.

The continued growth of IT outsourcing in Romania is expected to continue its upward trend. The pool of talented IT professionals keeps expanding, supporting the growth of the sector. Investors worldwide are showing more interest in Romanian IT companies or intent to outsource product development in Romania.

Our expertise lies in aiding businesses and innovators in turning daring concepts into pioneering prospects. Our team is capable of leading or supporting you throughout the entire journey, starting from validating the concept, conducting usability research and designing information architecture to developing, testing, and ultimately launching the product.

Our team provides an end-to-end product development process. From idea conception to final delivery, we operate tirelessly to transform visions into reality.

Prior to even writing the initial lines of code, our engineers and analysts collaborate closely with you and your team to establish objectives, delineate technical specifications, and outline project prerequisites. This meticulous approach guarantees seamless alignment among all stakeholders, facilitating the subsequent stages of the process.

Our approach unites the proficiencies of project managers, technical leads, UX/UI seniors, and front-end and back-end engineers, providing comprehensive coverage across all technical facets of product development.

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Why choose to outsource digital product design with us?

We already highlighted the benefits of product design outsourcing above. Below, you’ll find the benefits of outsourcing your product design with us.

Varied expertise

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in digital product design. Together, we have designed, developed and launched over 100 digital products so far.

Efficiency as a core value

We’ve honed our processes to maximise efficiency (that’s what the “ff” in our name stands for). From concept to execution, we follow a streamlined approach, saving you precious time and resources in the process.

Effective collaboration

We streamline collaboration through a refined process that involves stakeholders consistently throughout the process. We iterate along with you to ensure compliance, feasibility and overall success of your product.

Comprehensive approach

We pass projects through a 6-stage process designed to help us understand, create, check (and repeat) at multiple phases throughout development.


We always aim to stay and ride on top of industry trends and emerging technologies, infusing innovative ideas into every project we undertake. This way, we can ensure all products we release are future-proof.

Proven Track Record

Our portfolio showcases successful collaborations with various clients, highlighting our ability to deliver results consistently. Explore some of our past projects below.

Our product design portfolio

Surf through some of our past work.

OPEN social app

Social Media

OPEN social is a unique app that merges the benefits of social media with those of meditation. By connecting individuals with compatible moods through vocal-only interactions, this app brings a fresh perspective to the world of social media. The goal is to revive the true essence of socialising and build relationships across borders.

Mobile App


Digital Marketing

Planable is a tool that bundles various features to simplify the planning, scheduling, and posting of social media content. The platform facilitates the collaborative process, and it’s designed to suit the needs of small and medium agencies and businesses.

WordPress Core & Plugins


Market Research Platform

XpressPanel is a digital market study and data-gathering platform that facilitates market research for companies and customer access to paid online market studies. The web application is available for use in 17 languages and is designed to simplify the data collection process along with the reward system for study participants.

Web App

AC1 Construction

Industrial Constructions

AC1 Construction Ltd is a dynamic construction company based in Harrow. With a turnover of over £5 million, they gained a reputation throughout North West London and across the UK as a progressive and innovative market leader. Aside from construction projects, they also specialise in facilitating training and qualification courses for industry professionals.

Web App



Zerotak is a company that specialises in helping organisations worldwide increase their cyber security posture. Their expertise includes services like Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Cloud Security Assessments, OSINT Investigations, Security Hardening, Training or Security Awareness.



B2C Networking

Oferteria.ro is a new and innovative platform that connects clients and providers in the quickest way possible. Whether you need to renovate your home or organise an important event, Oferteria.ro offers the fastest way to receive offers for what you need. On the other hand, if you are a provider, the platform offers you the opportunity to simply reach clients who match your services.

Product Design
Web App

Life in Codes

IT and Software Services

Life in Codes helps teams and organisations work more efficiently and enjoyably. As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, they are certified to implement various tools for improving collaboration, project management, software development and code quality.

WordPress Core & Plugins


Fitness Tech

Located in Kuwait, Envision is a high-tech fitness centre aiming to take fitness and EMS training to a whole new level, bringing the future into the now. They offer a comprehensive offer of high-tech equipment, personalised training programs, and exclusive amenities to cater to the needs of high-end clientele.



Website Maintenance

Whether you run an e-commerce shop or have a business website that helps you reach and convert new leads, it should always be up-to-date and running smoothly. When all your competition is only two clicks away, there is no space for compromises. WebsiteSimplu.ro is here to ensure that your website performs efficiently through full-on maintenance services.

WordPress Core&Plugins
OPEN social app desktop image
OPEN social appmobile image
Planable desktop image
Planablemobile image
XpressPanel desktop image
XpressPanelmobile image
AC1 Construction desktop image
AC1 Constructionmobile image
Zerotak desktop image
Zerotakmobile image
Oferteria.ro desktop image
Oferteria.romobile image
Life in Codes desktop image
Life in Codesmobile image
Envision desktop image
Envisionmobile image
WebsiteSimplu.ro desktop image
WebsiteSimplu.romobile image

Client Reviews

NNC Services Digital

Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

Inventiff. provides web development and design services for a marketing solutions agency. The team focuses on implementing WordPress themes, plugins, functionalities implementation, and optimization.


They focus on the client's needs rather than the allocated budget.

Sorin Tufa

Co-Founder & SEO/SEM Specialist


Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

A web design and digital marketing agency partnered with Inventiff for several website development projects. The team supported the creation of an end client’s website, focused on efficient solutions.


They were precise on deadlines.

Paul Tatu

Project Owner

ABIT Technologies

Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

An IT company partners with Inventiff. to support their client with various WordPress and DevOps tasks.


They are really proactive and very involved in the project.

Adrian Draghici

Co-Founder & Business Dev Executive

OPEN social app

Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

Inventiff is developing mobile applications for a social interaction start-up. They’ve created designs from wireframes and mock-ups and translated them into UX/UI architecture design.


Contracting Inventiff's services is like having a CTO on board.

Loredana Marta

Founder & CEO


Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

A content collaboration platform hired inventiff.io to audit their existing website, recreate it, migrate their data to the new one, and create new pages and projects each month.


They were extremely invested and interested in the happiness and bottom line of their clients.




Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

Inventiff. headed an e-commerce website redesign venture to help a premium leather accessories retailer. They helped resolve site bugs and implement key changes and enhancements.


Everything was accomplished on time.

Cristian Ciucur


Kenneth Play LLC

Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review Star Review

An online sex education company had an outdated website and hired Inventiff to develop a new one for them. Their goal was to increase both traffic and sales on the new WordPress platform by the end of the year.


Despite the 7 hour time difference, communication and emails were responded to quickly.

Rene Bolanos

Business Manager

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is digital product design outsourcing?

    Digital product design outsourcing involves partnering with external design experts or agencies to handle the creation and development of digital products, such as websites, apps, and software interfaces. It allows businesses to leverage specialised skills and resources for efficient and effective design solutions.

    Why should I consider outsourcing digital product design with Inventiff?

    Outsourcing offers access to a team of experienced designers with up-to-date knowledge of design trends and technologies. It allows you to focus on core business activities, accelerate time-to-market, and benefit from a fresh perspective and creative insights.

    How do I choose the right design outsourcing partner?

    When selecting a design partner, consider factors such as their portfolio, experience in your industry, client testimonials, communication skills, and alignment with your project goals. A partner that understands your vision and can demonstrate a track record of successful projects is a strong choice.

    Will outsourcing with Inventiff affect the quality of my product design?

    Not at all. Reputable design outsourcing partners are dedicated to delivering high-quality work. They bring expertise and creativity to the table, ensuring your product design meets or exceeds your expectations.

    Can I maintain control over the design process if I outsource?

    Yes, you can. Effective communication and collaboration are key to maintaining control. A good design partner will involve you in important decisions, seek your input, and provide regular updates to ensure your vision is realised.

    How does outsourcing impact project timelines?

    Outsourcing can actually expedite project timelines. With a dedicated design team, tasks can be accomplished simultaneously, leading to quicker completion. Efficient communication and well-defined project milestones also contribute to timely delivery.

    Is outsourcing cost-effective for my business?

    In many cases, outsourcing can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house design team. It eliminates the need for investing in design tools, software licenses, and overhead costs. Additionally, outsourcing allows you to scale resources based on project demands, optimising costs.

    How secure is my intellectual property when outsourcing?

    Reputable design partners prioritise data security and confidentiality. Before entering an agreement, ensure that the partner has robust security measures in place and is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your intellectual property.

    What if I have specific design preferences or changes during the project?

    A good design outsourcing partner will collaborate closely with you to understand your preferences and accommodate changes as needed. Effective communication channels and regular updates will allow you to provide feedback and ensure your design vision is realised.

    Can I outsource parts of the design process while keeping some tasks in-house?

    Absolutely. Outsourcing is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. You can choose to outsource specific design phases or tasks while retaining control over other aspects in-house, allowing you to optimise resources and expertise.

    I have a question that is not on this list. Who do I talk to?

    Our team is here to help you through. Just drop us a message on the contact page, and we’ll be in touch in no time. Here’s the link.