We take an iterative approach in all collaborations

Our 6-steps process has been tested and refined over tens of projects. It is based on rapid iterations that produce concrete ideas and tangible prototypes that can be viewed, assessed, tested, and improved.

A smooth development process from end to end

We pass projects through a 6-stage process designed to help us understand, create, check (and repeat) at multiple phases throughout development.


Every collaboration starts with an initial meeting in which we elaborate on your idea to determine project requirements and identify eventual opportunities. This step helps eliminate any false expectations by ensuring everybody involved has a clear understanding of the project specifics and desired results.

Discovery phase

So now we have our visions aligned. We move on to analysing your competitors from a technical and usability point of view and learn about your target audience so we can adjust the UX accordingly. Further on, we provide time and cost estimates based on our acquired data. The puzzle starts to take shape.


We use the data acquired to build the prototype of your digital product that will allow you to see how your solution will look and work. This way, we can adjust early in the process, saving significant time and resources in the long run. We identify edge cases, gather one more round of feedback and then adjust before setting it up for development.


As soon as we have determined the project requirements, functionality and final design, your project enters the development stage. During development, our team follows detailed technical documentation to ensure your product meets the highest reliability and performance standards.


We employ a combination of user testing sessions, heuristic evaluation and automated testing to identify and correct any eventual problems in the user experience and functionality. This step ensures your product is easy to use, offers a positive user experience, and it’s ready for launch.


Our team takes all the necessary steps to make sure your product sets sail smoothly. From safe deployment all the way to uploading your product in app stores. Additionally, we can continue to manage and provide updates to ensure your solution performs at maximum capacity at all times.

We transform successful collaborations into years-long partnerships.

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