About Kenneth Play

Kenneth Play is an international life coaching, relationship-focused company, based in the US. When they contacted us, their website was outdated and lacked a well-defined user journey. The project goal was to get a solution that would increase their conversion rates by the end of the year.

“Despite the 7-hour time difference, communication and emails were responded to quickly.” – Rene Bolanos, Business Manager, Kenneth Play LLC

Client Name:

Kenneth Play


Life Coaching



Company Size:

1-10 employees


New York, NY


UI/UX Redesign & Web Development

Project Duration:

3 months


UI/UX Redesign Web Development

Team Size:


Technology Stack:

WordPress Core

Key Project Features

User flow &
task flow diagrams

The project involved the creation of user and task flow diagrams to define the website’s user journey and improve navigation.


The design aimed to enhance the brand’s positioning as an educator while maintaining niche-specific content and adhering to brand guidelines.

design approach

The project goal was to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Wireframing &

The design process involved creating wireframes and prototypes to express the website’s visual structure, interaction experience, and key areas.

Client’s challenge

Kenneth reached out to us because their outdated website wasn’t effective in guiding users towards their desired outcome. The project’s goal was to improve the website’s performance and increase the number of conversions by the end of the year.

The previous website had high bounce rates and low conversion rates due to a lack of clear branding and inappropriate content along the user journey. Our objective was to help the company establish a clear brand identity as a sex education provider while maintaining the specific niche content and following brand guidelines.

How did we help

We started the collaboration with a kick-off meeting to set up the project’s objectives and thoroughly understand our client’s wants and needs. After defining the project’s requirements, we started the research process to gain a better understanding of the competitors, the industry’s common practices and the target personas’ traits.

We then created hypothetical personas and scenarios to define the user flow and build the initial wireframe. Further, we laid out the design specifications, such as the user flows and task flow diagrams. We then conceived the visual structure that depicts the page hierarchy along with the elements present in the design.

Our team designed an initial prototype to express the feel and interaction experience of the new website. Throughout the process, we aimed to highlight the key website areas while maintaining the brand’s visual identity.

Their marketing team needed higher flexibility and a facile landing page creation process. For the development process, we used WordPress in order to ensure a wide array of functionalities, easy page customisation and content management in the future.

Finally, we conducted the last comprehensive round of testing from a functionality and usability point of view before the final launch.

Our main challenge:

Understanding the UI/UX

The project required us to balance creating a user-centred design while adhering to the brand’s visual identity.

With this being our first project in this niche, we allocated around 40% of the total project time to the research and design phase, trying to understand the target audience and market trends upon which we’ve developed.

Project synopsis

The transformation of Kenneth Play’s website was satisfying to be a part of. The new approach helped the brand position itself better in its market and scale efficiently while ensuring a boost in overall conversion rates.

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