About XpressPanel

XpressPanel is a digital market study and data-gathering platform that facilitates market research for companies and customer access to paid online market studies. The web application is available for use in 17 languages and is designed to simplify the data collection process along with the reward system for study participants.

”The platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and the reward system for study participants is a great incentive to get more accurate data. ” – Mihai Ioniță- Founder & CEO, XpressPanel

Client Name:



Data Collection


Online Surveys

Company Size:

1-10 employees


Bucharest, Romania


Survey Automation Software

Project Duration:

4 months


UI/UX Redesign
Web Development

Team Size:

3 – 5

Technology Stack:

VueJS 2

Key Project Features

Dynamic onboarding customization

The platform’s onboarding process can be easily customised to meet the specific needs of each customer, allowing for a more personalised and efficient experience.


Based on the onboarding information and survey responses, the platform automatically generates relevant statistics, providing valuable insights and data analysis to support market research efforts.

user management

The platform streamlines the process of managing users by offering intuitive and efficient user management tools, allowing administrators to manage and track user activity easily.

Data safety &
increased privacy

The platform implements robust security measures to protect customer data and ensure users’ privacy. These measures include encryption, secure data storage, and access control.

Automated multi-language translation

The platform automatically translates surveys and other content into 17 different languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

reward system

The platform includes an automated reward system that automatically distributes rewards to participants for their participation in market studies, eliminating the need for manual processing and improving the efficiency of the rewards process.

Client’s challenge

XpressPanel approached us with a severely outdated solution based on old technologies that would cause instability and overall poor security. Data management was challenging, with uneditable records and lacking statistics crucial to their business.

How did we help

We started this project through a long exploration and discovery phase to understand the business model and day-to-day processes. Further, we defined the app functionality upon which we built the wireframe. Our team designed the app to encapsulate all the previously determined features in a simple and intuitive manner.

Up into the development stage, we took a comprehensive approach to ensure the solution was resilient and allowed for facile customisation in the future.

Our main challenge:

Customer profile updates

Our main challenge was to create a process that would allow us to keep the customer data updated constantly so that the acquired data would be as accurate as possible at all times. To solve this, we implemented an automated email notifications system, reminding users to update their profile data whenever required.

Third-party service management

During the form completion process, the user information was sent towards a 3rd party platform that would perform the data collection before sending it back to our platform. We had to identify a configure a solution that would simplify and secure this process without significant changes to the user journey.

Project synopsis

The result of this project was a modern, user-friendly platform that streamlined XpressPanel’s operations and improved the data management process, providing increased privacy and security for the company and its users. Since its launch form completion rate has increased by 16%.

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