About OPEN social app

OPEN social is a unique app that merges the benefits of social media with those of meditation. By connecting individuals with compatible moods through vocal-only interactions, this app brings a fresh perspective to the world of social media. The goal is to revive the true essence of socialising and build relationships across borders.

“Contracting Inventiff’s services is like having a CTO on board. They get involved in the project and help shape the project; they do not just execute, but come up with improvements in all areas.” – Loredana – Founder & CEO, Social Interaction Startup

Client Name:

OPEN social app





Company Size:

1-10 employees


Vienna, Austria


Audio-only social media application

Project Duration:

6 months


Mobile Application Development

Team Size:


Technology Stack:

Flame Engine
Forge 2D

Key project features

Vocal-only interactions

This unique feature allows users to connect with each other through voice interactions rather than just text or images.

Mood-based connections

Matching users with others who are in a similar mood creates a more personalized and meaningful experience.

Global connections

The platform connects people from all over the world, allowing users to build relationships across borders.

User privacy

The app prioritises user privacy, allowing users to control who they interact with and what information they share.

User-friendly interface

OPEN social has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to connect with each other, regardless of their technical skill level.

Regular updates

The app is regularly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring that users have the best possible experience.

Client’s challenge

By the time they approached us, the OPEN social team already had the defined concept of the mobile app. However, they lacked the technical resources to complete an in-house implementation, so they were looking for a strategic technology partner that could provide valuable expertise and workforce while maintaining high flexibility.

How did we help

Our team proposed a refined version of the application architecture based on the received wireframes and design templates. The outcome was a hybrid app built using Flutter technology. To ensure a scalable database, we integrated Firebase.

Further on in development, we employed Agora to simplify the matching and voice communication functionality. The proposed API solution significantly reduced running costs by 62%.

Our main challenge:

Graphical interface for the mood-picking menu

The main challenge we faced on this project was creating the graphical interface of the mood-picking screen. More accurately, we had to create a menu interface that mirrors the behaviour of tangible objects and their physical attributes. Since Flutter does not offer the necessary functionality to fulfil the design requirements, we had to turn on our creative engines.

Thereby, we employed and configured a game engine package that gave us more control over the rendering. Through that, we created the sphere elements and their related physical properties. This way, the game engine takes care of the rendering process and allows for overall facile customisation of the mood elements.

Serverless architecture solution

Creating a serverless architecture for audio calling posed several challenges. First, serverless architecture relies on the ability to manage and route incoming and outgoing network requests, which can be complex and unpredictable in real-time audio calling scenarios.

Secondly, the audio quality and reliability of the call are critical factors that require stable and secure network connections, which can be challenging to achieve in a serverless environment. Furthermore, we had to ensure scalability and maintain low latency while accommodating a potentially high number of users.

To streamline the serverless architecture implementation, we employed the services of Agora, which we asked to provide us with a virtual room for two users whenever a match was established. Once we created the room, we sent two messages to the devices that needed to connect. As soon as the connection is established, the two users can communicate directly from one device to another securely and reliably.

Project synopsis

Working on the OPEN social app project was compelling and thought-provoking. It helped us expand our expertise on serverless architecture builds and social-based applications. The results we achieved with this product make us confident the application can be competitive on the market from a technical point of view.

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